The Data Hub is an app that stores Master Data (Product Hierarchy, Customer Hierarchy, etc) that are common across multiple apps. 

The Data Hub allows you to synchronize master data across apps via pre-built imports and standardize the structure and naming of lists across apps. The Data Hub allows you to track which apps need to be synchronized with the latest version of your lists and data, and provides a global view of the connections between your plans. Using a Data Hub to centralize your data and ensure its consistency across apps is a recommended best practice.

The App Info Page explains the purpose of the Data Hub and provides some explanation of the key features of the Data Hub.
The Cost Center export is an example of a list that can be synchronized from the Data Hub to the Connected apps.
The Data Hub is composed of metadata exports that enable you to synchronize lists in connected apps.
The Data Hub Statistics dashboard indicates which lists are shared across which connected apps, and the last update date (the last date a list import was run to synchronize the list).
The Data Hub enables you to synchronize lists through imports that are listed in the Actions screen.


App Last Updated

June 3rd, 2016


20 MB



Connects to

Data Hub versions of: Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Marketing Resource Management, Workforce Planning

App stats












Central source of lists

  • Central location for all lists used across multiple apps to enable you to see how different plans are related and interconnected and to ensure that master data are consistent with standards and aligned to the most current version

Connections built into multiple apps

  • This version of the Data Hub connects to Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Workforce Planning and Marketing Resource Management to enable you to see how your staffing and marketing spend impact your overall budget

Synchronization of lists

  • Over 50 imports built into each connected app enable you to update lists with the click of a button

Built-in Synchronization stats

  • A dedicated dashboard enables you to see where your lists are used in one view, and to track when the list was last synchronized with the Data Hub


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