We successfully made platform enhancements on February 11, 2023, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

This release enables the Workspace Administrator (WSA) to grant end users permission to run a Bulk Copy action:

  • WSA creates Bulk Copy
  • WSA selects checkbox to indicate Bulk Copy action can be run by end user(s)
  • WSA grants end user(s) role permissions needed to run Bulk Copy 
  • End user(s) can see and click available action and button

Note, only end users granted elevated permissions by a WSA will be able to run a Bulk Copy action.

Also with this release, a new field has been added in the Actions tab that shows precisely how long an action takes to run.

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Case referenceIssue description
N/AWhen you run an export that would be over the row limit if you include summaries, but you omit summaries, the export does not complete. The reason given is that the export exceeds the row limit.
00444413If the number format for a line item is changed to the hyphen (-) zero format, and you export this to an XLS or XLSX file, you cannot edit the cell in Excel. You must change the format of the cell to edit the data.
N/AWhen you upload a file by API to a model in deployed mode, you can change the settings of the import data source definition.






When you send an import GET API request, and the request is not correctly formed, the model becomes inaccessible to users.

Your model cannot be reopened if you:

  1. Set the summary method for a line item to Ratio and copy the summary.
  2. Change the format to No Data and paste the summary back in.
  3. Delete one of the line items used in the ratio.
  4. Close the model.



If you open more than 200 models in a workspace at the same time, users receive out-of-memory messages in the models. The models may become unresponsive.
N/AIf you export data in the Currency Code format to XLS or XLSX format, the currency codes do not export correctly.
00449425In rare circumstances, when you export data, the export can take a very long time. This locks the model so users cannot read or write data until the export is cancelled.
N/AWhen you try to run Optimizer with no function comparison operator, the message that displays does not tell you which operator types you can use.