The Supply Planning app assists manufacturing organizations to visualize and plan their supply chains from Distribution Operations back to Production Planning.

Manage your supply chain by inventory, order shortage, and capacity exceptions. Use the calculated suggested order quantities by week or manually override to proactively account for high demand or supply shortages.

Manage your supply chain by exception to prioritize and focus on problem locations and products
Analyze demand, netted requirements, and inventory by distribution center and finished good
Inventory safety stock calculated from parameters such as customer service level, forecast error (MAPE), production yield, and more.
View historical order fulfillment metrics at any hierarchy for distribution centers, finished goods, and customers
Analyze production requirements at the plant and production line level, pull requirements forward to level load production, as well as adjust production line calendar to add/remove available hours


App Last Updated

June 2nd, 2017


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Exception Management

  • DC Inventory Exceptions: below safety stock; greater then max inventory
  • DC Capacity Exceptions
  • Production Capacity Exceptions
  • Order Shortage Exceptions

Distribution Center Demand

  • Sales Orders: Open customer order quantities
  • Forecast: Statistical forecast quantities by product and DC
  • Distribution: Units ordered from one DC to another
  • Dependent: Requirements needed to assemble specified finished goods within a DC

DC Operations/Netting

  • Suggested weekly order requirements for each DC by finished good based on netting logic
  • Ability to override system suggestion manually
  • Days of Supply tracking
  • Override safety inventory days manually
  • View order shortages and expired inventory quantities over time

DC Capacity Analysis

  • Analyze total DC capacity and DC required capacity based on pallet count
  • Manually increase capacity to account for over capacity periods

Inventory Optimization Analysis

  • Set safety stock levels based on multiple parameters: customer service level, MAPE, Lead Time, Production Yield %, etc...
  • Run a What-If Analysis view the safety stock impact by overriding parameters

Production Planning

  • Netted DC requirements dropped to supplying production plant and offset by transit lead time
  • Product requirements disaggregated to appropriate production line
  • Total production hours required calculated per item/work center run rates
  • Work center weekly calendar with available hours and override capability


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