We launched several new exciting updates in June, including Polaris and updates to the User Experience

  • Polaris: The new engine for high dimensionality in Anaplan is generally available. Polaris is a natively sparse engine that works side by side with the Classic Anaplan engine and allows for massive dimensionality. See Anaplan Polaris™ Calculation Engine brochure and contact your your Anaplan Account team for more details.
  • View and Line Item Usage of UX Pages: Users who are both model builders and page builders can see all the views and line items that are published to a UX page along with the type of card it's published on. This will help builders understand the usage of their model objects.
  • Smart Formatting: A New Modeling Experience feature that improves clarity and readability in building complex formulas. As a user types in the formula editor, it automatically:
    • Indents conditional logic
    • Adjusts spacing
    • Formats pasted logic to fit into the formula structure

You'll be able to turn off/on Smart Formatting from the Preferences menu (cog icon) in the editor toolbar. 

  •  Renewed VPAT document: Accessibility and inclusion are important considerations when building software and we’ve been working hard to make sure that all users have a great experience with Anaplan, no matter their additional needs. Our new VPAT document details our commitment to accessibility and evaluates key UX user journeys against a range of accessibility frameworks, including the WCAG 2.x A and AA standards. Our new VPAT is published and available to read or download at https://www.anaplan.com/accessibility 
  • Detailed notifications (with message preview): Notifications  include message previews inside Anaplan and via mobile push, Slack & email. This saves time and keeps users informed even when they’re not logged into the platform.  
  • Tenant Administrator notification preferences: Tenant Admins  have the option to opt their tenant out of external notifications (apart from strictly necessary ones, e.g. password reset) should they wish to safeguard sensitive data from leaving the platform.
  • Copy down/ copy across toggle on grids We have added a toggle to enable the page builder disable the copy across / copy down across in all grids.
  • Nested Row Headers on Mobile: The Anaplan mobile app  supports nested row headers so it’s easier to get the whole picture on the go. 
  • Copy branch: Move more of your rich, interactive planning process into the UX as we add support for the Copy branch action, along with a re-imagined end user experience that makes things easier and clearer than before.

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release.

  • Management Reporting Insights Panel Users will be able to make use of an Insights Panel to the right side of their Report to see data in related Cards or input commentary or values to update the Report directly. This will be similar to the Worksheet Insights Panel available today.
  • Updates to the App Table of Contents: We’re making changes to the App Table of Contents screen. Page builders will be able to see pages associated with archived models, and end users will no longer see categories which appear empty to them.
  • Page and category reordering within Apps: Page builders will be able to drag and drop pages and categories into new positions within Apps, and this will persist for all users of the App for easy navigation.
  • Dependent dropdown support in forms: Provide users with an even more intuitive experience when adding new list items using forms with improved support for dependent dropdowns.
  • Open and Edit UX Pages as Modeling Experience Tabs: Bring together model building and page building into a unified experience through opening and editing UX pages as tabs within the modeling experience. Model builders and page builders will be able to open a UX page as a tab in the same way they edit modules and lists today.
  • All/Unread notification tabs: Filter the notification panel to show unread notifications only. 
  • Automatic scheduling in Predictive Insights: Introducing the new scheduler in Predictive Insights! Users can effortlessly make sure that their PI actions run with the latest and most complete data, removing manual overhead. With automated data refreshes, configurable scheduling options, and notifications, users can make data-driven decisions with ease.
  • Deleted Model Restore: Workspace Admins will be able to restore previously deleted models into their Archive. Models will only be available for 'restore' for a period of 14 days from the original deletion date. 
  • Unlink revisions when restoring to model history id: ALM users will be able to unlink revisions when restoring a model to a point in it’s history.
  • Number line items default switching from SUM to None: The default summary method for new number line items will be None. Previously the default was SUM.
  • Order list limit increased from 1 million to 50 million: The order list action previously had an upper limit of 1 million items. Users will be able to order lists with up to 50
    million items. 
  • Automation of list index API calls: New API endpoints have been added to retrieve the metadata for actions making it easier for them to build apps/scripts that combine different Transactional API calls.

Anaplan Microsoft 365: When inserting a grid card as data in Excel, users can preserve the percentage data format set in Anaplan.

Upcoming scheduled maintenance:

  • July 15: Platform offline: Product Enhancements
  • July 29: Platform offline: Infrastructure Updates

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