We launched several new exciting updates in July, including updates to Management Reporting and Polaris

  • Polaris: We have released various new updates in Polaris including the following:
      • Polaris now supports Time Ranges
      • RANK and RANKCUMULATE functions are both supported. Please note that RANK/RANKCUMULATE over Line Item Subsets is not currently supported. We hope to have this available in the future
      • The maximum number of Line Items in Polaris per model is now 15,000. This is an increase from 10,000
  • Number line items default switching from SUM to None: This update makes sure that the default for new number line items will switch from SUM to None. This will ensure users do not need to revert and change settings and will reduce memory consumption.
  • Restore a previously deleted Model: Users will be able to restore a previously deleted model. Models will be available to be restored for a period of 14 days from deletion; beyond this they will be removed without notification
  • Order list action thresholds increased from 1 million to 50 million: We have increased the threshold on the oder list action to permit users to safely sort largely lists.
  • Automation of list index API calls: To make it easier for customers to build applications or scripts that combine different Transactional API calls we have released new API endpoints to retrieve metadata for Actions.
  • Open and Edit UX Pages within the Modeling Experience: UX Pages can be open and edited as a tab within the Modeling Experience. On the Pages tab, when you select a Page, it will open within the Model as a tab like how modules and lists are opened.
    Check out this blog for more information.
  • Updates to the App Table of Contents: We’ve made changes to the App Table of Contents screen. Page builders can see pages which are associated with archived models, and end users no longer see categories which appear empty to them.
  • Notification Tabs: The notification panel is separated into two tabs: All and Unread. Switch between them depending on what you’re looking for. The All tab shows your latest 100 notifications, keeping everything easily accessible but out of the way. Your tab selection is remembered for the entire browsing session.
  • Management Reporting Insights Panel: Users can leverage an Insights Panel in their Report to view data in related Cards or input commentary or values to update their Report directly. 
  • Anaplan for Microsoft 365: Values that are formatted as percentages or currencies in Anaplan will main their data formatting in Excel. This functionality will be able to be switched off. Check out Anapedia for more information.

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release.

  • Freeze rows/columns: Freeze up to any row or column in a grid or worksheet. Allowing for easier analysis and navigation through large data sets.
  • Page and category reordering within Apps: Page builders will be able to drag and drop pages and categories into new positions within Apps, and this will persist for all users of the App for easy navigation.
  • Role-based landing pages for Apps: Page builders will be able to define a fixed landing page for users, dependent on their model role. This will help end users access the content they need more quickly, and make sure they know exactly where to go when accessing an App.

Upcoming scheduled maintenance:

  • August 19: Platform offline: Infrastructure Updates

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