We recently released a beta version of the New Modules Inventory which is where model builder view and manage all the modules within a model.

What are the benefits?

This revamp provides builders with a host of new powerful features to transform the way you manage modules, as well as align the model interface with Anaplan’s UX. These capabilities enable improved data visibility and tooling to make model maintenance easy and safe.

Will I have to take any action? 

Yes, this is an opt-in experience for model builders accessed via a toggle in the tab of the current modules inventory page. Please keep in mind that this is a beta version, we're committed to continually enhancing and refining the experience by delivering new iterative innovations off the back of your feedback. 

What features are included? 

  • Single click open - jump straight in to a module by clicking on its name within the new modules inventory table, you’ll be directly seamlessly to a new tab or an existing one if it is already open. 
  • Show/ hide module attribute columns - you’ll be able to choose which attributes are displayed as columns in the new modules inventory via a new right hand panel. Use the Edit Columns button to see the available options, then hit apply or re-set to default with the buttons at the bottom of the panel. 
  • Sort module attributes data - users will have a more systematic way to represent data by leveraging the new sort capabilities. Arrange by ascending or descending for text or numeric data via the column headers chevron. Clicking once enables ascending order (chevron up), a second time displays descending (chevron down), and a final click will un-sort the data. 
  • Order the module attribute columns - present data in a more organized manner by arranging the order of columns to yield faster and more useful results. Either drag and drop the columns directly within the table or open the Edit Columns right hand panel. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts -  improve your productivity and become power users with native keyboard shortcuts. Use tab to move across the screen and change the area of focus, then apply the following keyboard actions for the desired result:
ActionMac shortcutWindows shortcut
Create a moduleOption + NAlt + N
Delete a moduleDeleteBackspace
Refresh module dataOption + RAlt + R

Try out the beta version of the new modules inventory to experience modeling efficiency at its finest, and keep your eyes peeled for the latest and greatest feature drops in this space over the coming months.