We are thrilled to launch Anaplan Geo-Mapping and Territory & Quota Planning Application to empower sales and revenue leaders to make more confident decisions on the path to increasing revenue.

 Geo-Mapping is an easy-to-use tool providing real time visual insights right within Anaplan. Visualizations and map cards are flexible and versatile to provide the views needed to analyze and execute more effectively across all use cases. interact with the map directly to change data on the spot. Structure your territories, quotas and sales capacity using modeling, scenario planning and geo-spatial mapping to drive results. Seamlessly bring together and normalize any type of data- sales performance, location intelligence via geo-spatial mapping, revenue intelligence...etc. Confidently design, model, visualize, roll out and optimize everything from your account segmentation, territories and quotas to sales capacity and compensation plans. Model equitable territories alongside geo-spatial mapping and determine the ideal sales capacity to eliminate your coverage gaps. Stay ahead of complex customer journeys with geo-spatial mapping and segmentation capabilities to build more robust go-to-market strategies and leverage a more agile sales planning approach to respond to market changes faster and stay competitive. In short, if there is a need to map, there is the potential to benefit from Geo-Mapping. 

See Geo-Mapping in action!

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Leveraging new platform frameworks, Anaplan Territory & Quota Planning Application enables streamlined configuration, simple extension, and easier maintenance of the Anaplan solution. You will experience best-in-class planning applications, built on the most agile planning platform, making business operations more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. 

 With the out-of-the-box Territory & Quota Planning application – the first offering available in the Sales Applications suite – sales and revenue leaders will be able to get up and running quickly with a guided setup, pre-configured data integrations, and planning models based on sales planning best practices. 

 In a highly volatile market, where revenue streams are constantly in flux, our Territory & Quota Planning Application will enable revenue teams across industries to drive profitable growth, arming decision-makers with the data-driven insights needed to keep pipelines healthy, quotas attainable, and sales teams motivated. 

See Territory & Quota Planning Application in Action! 

Please speak to your Account Team about how you can leverage the more granular Anaplan Geo-Mapping and implement Anaplan Territory & Quota Planning Application.