Anaplan's Inventory Management app enables you to maintain a profitable balance between speed, customer service levels, market share, and the cost of inventory across all channels. 

By leveraging multi-echelon, multi-stage inventory planning and segmentation, you can improve the accuracy and performance of daily replenishment and inventory plans. Anaplan’s inventory management solution incorporates scenario modeling, enabling you to make strategic and informed decisions that further enhance your inventory control. Plan and manage inventory with detailed insights that help you understand demand variability and constraints across your supply chain.


  • Remove excess inventory and reduce costs while maintaining customer service levels throughout your supply network
  • Develop inventory plans that maximize the profitability and volume of key materials, components, and products across multiple stages in your supply chain
  • Reduce stock-outs and excess exceptions through early warning and performance analysis
  • Instantly adapt inventory and stocking strategies to address changing market conditions, supply chain constraints, and customer segmentation


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Supply ChainSupply Chain Planning


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May 9th, 2016


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Can connect with Stat Forecasting, Supply Planning, and S&OP

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ABC/XYZ analysis

  • Segment inventory at any level based on value (revenue or sales volume) and dynamics of consumption or sales (demand variability). Set and adjust customer service levels and see the impact on inventory segments and balances in real time

Inventory phase-in and phase-out planning

  • The phase-in planning process calculates forecast values for new products that do not yet have historical data. This calculation is based on values derived from historical data of similar products, and inventory levels and safety stock levels are set based on this forecast data
  • The phase-out planning process calculates forecast values for products in discontinuation. You no longer consider these products during current production; however, you must continue to store these products for a certain length of time. Anaplan’s Inventory Management app allows you to phase out your inventory of a product while factoring in various constraints such as being able to ensure that existing inventory at each location is sold out before entire phase-out of the product occurs

Lead-time calculations and lead-time variability setting

  • Calculate different lead-times, lead-time variability, re-order points, and consignment stocks based on purchase orders, shipments, and production orders

Safety stock planning

  • Flexibly determine optimal safety stock quantities to ensure that the right products are at the right place at the right time to drive supply planning, maximize customer service levels, and minimize working capital investments

Inventory scenario planning

  • Simulate the impact of lead-time reductions, safety stock changes, demand forecast fluctuations, or other changes on service or stock levels, and model the expense of multiple scenarios

Global inventory control tower reporting

  • Gain visibility into key supply chain performance metrics such as inventory turns, days of supply, and other KPIs on an ongoing basis and use that information to continuously improve the inventory levels at multiple stages across your global supply chain.
  • On a single dashboard, gain visibility into global inventory and by SKU and location across any valuation class


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