Anaplan for Demand Sensing helps organizations deliver higher levels of customer service by including current demand signals throughout the supply chain. 

By applying industry-standard statistics designed to sort through the masses of downstream data, such as point-of-sale information by product and customer combination, you can adjust short-term shipment forecasts and develop accurate replenishment and demand plans.

Data harmonization: View data submission status for each data source. Load new data files for POS sales, on-hand inventory, and actual shipments. View imported data in the same format in which it was submitted. Ensure accuracy by making adjustments to the POS and on-hand inventory metrics. Set the calendar week definition for each data import.

Demand planning with downstream data and other demand drivers (such as promotions). Plan short-term sales by SKU and by the banner. See the immediate impact of plans on various "what-if" scenarios. Compare demand plan against marketing forecast and resolve variances.

Why Anaplan for Demand Sensing?

Collect inputs at any level and include quantity and price from the web, mobile, and Excel® add-ins from Sales, Marketing, and other business functions, as well as customers. Define consensus-building rules based on input accuracy and time horizons.

  • Collaborate quickly and easily
  • Flexible statistical forecasting and modeling
  • Driver-based demand forecasting
  • Increase forecast accuracy and reduce bias
  • Daily or weekly downstream data integration


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